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The world is embracing AI and Quantum

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IISc and QpiAI
AI Foundation

AI Foundation

Dip your toes in the field of AI

AI Expert

AI Expert

Dive Deep into AI & ML

Joint AI Quantum Expert

Joint AI & Quantum Expert

Become the Grandmaster

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6500+ People are learning with IISc and QpiAI

People are learning with IISc and QpiAI

Taught by IISc Professors, Industry Experts & Guest Lecturers from all over the world.

Interactive Discussions

Theory and Practical Lessons


What they’re saying



“I am new to AI & Quantum computing, QpiAI content is better than any other content available India.”

Dr P. Sathyaprakash, Assistant Professor, SASTRA University




“Innovative and intuitive approach to the subject.”

Saomya Chaudhury, Student, C-DAC Mohali



“Course content is good & elaborated.”

Shantanu Mishra, Software Engineer, Cadence Design Systems



“Its fantastic, explanation is very good.”

– Dr Narayan K, Dean (R&D) and Professor, Sai Vidya Institute of Technology



“I like the video lectures in the course.”

Dherender, Senior Business Analyst, Evalueserve



“The course is perfectly balanced between assignments, and lectures.”

Sai Venkatesh Chilukoti, Student

Data scientist is the second
most in-demand job in India.

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Next Digital Transformation

13 Crore+ New Jobs

Will be created by AI before 2025.

25% Annual Hike

Average annual salary hike for data scientists.

₹ 14.7 LPA Salary

Median salary for AI professionals.

$949 Million Quantum MV

Expected global quantum MV by 2025.

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With all courses, you get access to QpiAI Explorer an offline learning tool that outstandingly combines the power of AI and Quantum within the same platform.

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Course Certificates
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Become a Part

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A Chance To Earn

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AI Foundation

AI Foundation

3 Months Course

₹ 5,997/m

3 Months No Cost EMI or ₹19,990 one time fee


  • Prerequisites for AI & ML
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
AI Expert

AI Expert

6 Months Course

₹ 4,499/m

6 Months No Cost EMI or ₹29,990 one time fee

Everything in AI Foundation+

  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Practical Machine Learning
  • Advanced Topics in Deep Learning
Joint AI Quantum Expert

Joint AI & Quantum Expert

6 Months Course

₹ 7,499/m

6 Months No Cost EMI or ₹49,990 one time fee

Everything in AI Expert+

  • Quantum Computation & Programming
  • Quantum Information & Communication
  • Quantum Applications

Want to know more about the courses?

Download our comprehensive guide which contains indepth information about the courses.

How Will You Learn?

Certification course Study material for Quantum Computing and AI

Study Material

  • Short and easy-to-understand learning videos
  • Downloadable resources and class notes
  • Theory and practical sessions designed to learn at your own pace
Certification course Assignments on Quantum Computing and AI

Assignments, Projects & Forum

  • Exercises and assignments based on study material
  • Reading and implementing research papers
  • Build projects based on state-of-the-art developments in Quantum Technologies and AI
Project based learning on Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

QpiAI Explorer

Upto 1 Year License

  • Build quantum circuits, simulate quantum algorithms and protocols
  • Visualize in detail and simulate hybrid circuits
  • Build ML models, experiment on various problems and datasets
  • Prepare data, run algorithms, train models, and build quantum and AI solutions

Quantum and AI Are for Everyone

Build a career of the future
and take off.

Upskill and transform the
way you work.

Future-proof your organization and empower your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join the certificate courses?
  • Once you know which course you want to take part in, click on “Start learning
  • Register yourself by entering your basic details
  • Login here using the password sent to your email
  • If you want to join AI Foundation, click on “Enrol Now” next to it
  • If you want to enrol for AI Expert or Joint AI & Quantum Expert, take the AI Adaptability test
  • Once you get through, “Enrol Now” for those courses will get activated on your screen
  • Chose the payment method of your convenience and make your payment for the certification (EMI options available with select banks)
  • Congratulations, you’re in!
2. Is there an entrance test for the certification?

Yes, an AI Adaptability test is conducted before the enrolment and a score of 40% or above will be accepted into AI Expert or Joint AI & Quantum Expert courses. There is no test for AI Foundation. 

3. What are prerequisites for two sets of courses (Quantum, AI) in general?
We do not assume any prerequisites in any of the topics. We will start the course from absolute basics and build the grounds for all concepts required in AI and Quantum. However, basic understanding of matrices, vectors, complex numbers and functions will be helpful.
4. What will be the course structure?
Here is a video explaining the course structure:

You can also download the complete course information brochure here:


5. What is the eligibility criteria for a certification program?

The course is open to school students, undergraduate students and postgraduate students in science, technology, and engineering, and to working professionals in any domain of the industry. 

6. What is the mode delivery for the courses? Is it entirely online or requires physical presence?
The mode of the course is completely online in the form of pre-recorded lectures. The lectures will be streamed through the QpiAI Explorer tool.
7. What is the minimum system requirements for running QpiAI Explorer software?

Software will require the following setup to be installed and used:

OS: The software is currently available for

  1. Windows 10
  2. Linux; Recommended Ubuntu 20
  3. Mac OS: Recommended Catalina and Above

CPU: Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support; Recommended: 2.8 GHz or faster processor

RAM: 4GB RAM; Recommended: 6 GB+

Disk Storage: 4 GB of free disk space

Monitor Resolution: 1280×800; Recommended: 1920×1080

Internet: Internet connection is required for software activation.

8. Can I watch a preview video for the course lecture?

Sure, here is one of the course lectures:

Course Introduction Video:

9. How would the hands-on component (projects/assignments) be completed/submitted?
The assignments will be in the form of coding notebooks. The evaluations will be automated.
10. How much weekly workload is expected? (in hours)
The weekly workload for
AI-Level 1 Course is 4.5 hours.
AI-Level 2 Course is 4.5 hours.
Joint AI and Quantum Course is 9 hours.
11. How will I get support for query resolution / project guidance during the course?
The QpiAI team will be live on the discussion forum and will support the resolution of queries as soon as they are posted.
12. Would there be guest lectures from the industry?
The course will have a set of guest lectures from esteemed professors and research practitioners. QpiAI itself being an industry organization will drive the course in an application-centric manner. We have curated the course in such a way that the balance between theory and applications is maintained. This will also reflect in the course assignments.
13. How long will the course material be accessible ?
  1. The AI Level-1 certification is a 3-months program.
  2. The AI Level-2 certification is a 6-months program.
  3. The Joint AI-Quantum Computing Certification is a 6-months program.
  4. Students for Level-1 AI Certification will have access to course materials for 6 months.
  5. Students for Level-2 AI and Joint AI+Quantum Certification will have 1 year access.
14. Would it help for an experienced professional like me to switch domains or do a career transition?
The course will cover applications of quantum computing to various domains like optimization, machine learning, finance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, space technology, and others. This would enable the professionals to develop quantum computational and AI solutions for diverse applications within and across their industries, and lead new research and development projects.

Highly motivated candidates might as well transition to the world of quantum computing technologies and take up roles in taking the industry forward.

15. Could top candidates get an opportunity to work at QpiAI?
QpiAI is committed to building a quantum ecosystem in India, and our certification program is the first step towards it. After successful completion of the course, excellent candidates (consolidating 90% + aggregate score) will

  1. Have an opportunity to be considered for AI as well as Quantum computing jobs at QpiAI
  2. Have 1-year QpiAI Pro License and 1 year free membership to QpiAI Marketplace AI and Quantum Solutions Marketplace
  3. The cloud computation cost for QpiAI Pro will be borne by the candidate
16. Still have questions?

You can also write to us at certification@qpiai.tech and our team will get back as soon as possible.

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