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Skills Learned
Prerequisites for Quantum
Data Science
Quantum Computation
Machine Learning
Quantum Information
Deep Learning

Quantum Communication

Reinforcement Learning
Quantum Programming
Quantum Applications
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Meet Your Mentors

Prof. Shalabh Bhatnagar

Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Automation.
IISc Bangalore.

Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja

CEO & Founder, QpiAI India. PhD, Coventry University UK.

Prof. Ujjwal Sen

Professor, Quantum Information & Computation Group.
Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad.

Dr. Amlan Mukherjee

Director Quantum Hardware Research, QpiAI India. PhD, TIFR India.

Pinakin Padalia

Director Quantum Circuits, QpiAI
MS, TU Delft Netherlands.

Lakshya Priyadarshi

Software and Algorithms
Researcher, QpiAI India.
B.Tech, IET.

Aswanth Krishnan

Director Quantum Research, QpiAI
MSc, NIT Karnataka.

Sachin Kumar

Director of AI Research, QpiAI India.
B.Tech, NIT Trichy.

Dr. Arun Sehrawat

Quantum Research Scientist, QpiAI India.
PhD, National University of Singapore.

Experience In the form of videos, projects, and assignments, 600+ hours of best-in-class information provided by prominent industry experts and leaders.
Quantum Foundation
Chapter 1

Prerequisites for Quantum Computing

Chapter 2

Quantum States and Qubits

Chapter 3

Quantum Algorithms

Chapter 4

Quantum Protocols

Chapter 5

Quantum Hardware: Superconducting Qubits

Quantum Expert
All Chapters in

Quantum Foundation +

Chapter 6

NISQ Devices

Chapter 7

Quantum Algorithms for Applications

Chapter 8

Quantum Hardware: Semiconducting Qubits

Joint AI & Quantum Expert
All Chapters in
Quantum Expert

Prerequisites for Quantum Computing

Chapter 2

Quantum States and Qubits

Chapter 3

Quantum Algorithms

Chapter 4

Quantum Protocols

Chapter 5

NISQ Devices


Start your jouney at your expertise.
AI Foundation

Quantum Foundation

Total course fee

₹ 24,990

28 hours of learning material
  • Prerequisites to learn Quantum Computing courses
  • Quantum States and Qubits
  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Quantum Protocols
  • Quantum Hardware : Superconducting Qubits
  • Foundation Quantum Projects
AI Foundation


Total course fee

₹ 34,990

36hours of learning material
  • Everything in Quantum Foundation+
  • NISQ Devices
  • Quantum Algorithms for Applications
  • Quantum Hardware: Semiconducting Qubits
  • Advanced Quantum Projects
AI Foundation

Joint AI &
Quantum Expert

Total course fee

₹ 59,990

44 hours of AI learning material


36 hours

Quantum Learning material


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“Very knowledgeable platform and improving advanced technology in the market. The course is perfectly balanced between assignments, and lectures.”

Chetan Surana, Global Sales Leader, Wipro Digital



“Regular assignments were provided at the end of each module, the quality of the assignments are comparable to that of premier institutions in India.”

Dr. Narayan .K Ph.D (IISc), Dean (R&D), Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Bangalore



“Great thing I like about this course is that it is offered in partnership with IISC, a flagship institute in India for Research!. And through this course I am gaining core knowledge in the field.”

– Vinesh Raja, Tech Lead, Tamil Navigation Pvt Ltd


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